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Private Fairbanks Northern Lights Tour

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Winter, Spring
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Northern Lights, Photography

Embark on our Private Fairbanks Northern Lights Tour to view and photograph the stunning aurora borealis in and around the greater Fairbanks area. We pride ourselves on offering intimate, small-group trip experiences and this fully-private tour will be an experience you and your group will remember for life!

Tour Description

The aurora borealis is one of the most amazing natural wonders on Earth and we invite you to join us to view and photograph the northern lights in and around the greater Fairbanks area.

We use innovative technology to forecast aurora viewing conditions, choosing each night’s tour location based on weather forecasts, predicted aurora strength, and estimated driving distance from Fairbanks. Our local team of experts will get you to the most strategic location possible to see the phenomenon of the northern lights.

This tour is designed for anyone visiting the Fairbanks area with an interest in viewing the northern lights, and include web-quality aurora portraits and basic photography instruction.

We use our fleet of comfortable tour vehicles as traveling base camps. Tours generally depart between 8 and 11 p.m. and return between 3 and 6 a.m., depending on the season and forecasted conditions.

Season:  2023/24 – November 2nd through April 14th. 2024/25 – August 28 – April 14th.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we are no longer providing single-use plastic water bottles. Please bring a reusable water bottle, and we’ll refill it throughout the tour.

Book This Adventure

Book direct. Best price guarantee!*

  • Private experience (maximum of 12 adventurers)
  • Experience the star-filled beauty of Alaska winter nights away from city lights
  • Create lasting memories with portraits and photos
  • Personalized forecast service. Know before you go!
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Services of a professional local guide
  • Aurora forecasting service
  • Web quality photographs and portraits
  • Transportation in a clean and comfortable tour vehicle
  • Snacks and hot drinks
  • $1995 total per confirmed tour night, group size 1-8.
  • $100 for each additional person up to 12 people
  • Groups larger than 12 please contact our office at 907-980-8179
  • Departure Time: 8-11 p.m.
  • Duration: 8 Hours

Gratuities for Guides (Recommend $200 per group)

The aurora can be visible anytime we have adequate darkness between late August and mid-April.  The main obstacles to finding auroras are cloud cover and light pollution. We will drive up to 3 hours outside Fairbanks to find clear, dark skies.

Understanding the Moon’s phases and chasing aurora

A common question among interested aurora viewers relates to the Moon and its many phases each month. Lunar cycles may affect one’s ability to view the northern lights, but not necessarily in a negative way. Greatland Adventures aurora guides are experts at positioning guests in the optimum location for the best chance of viewing the lights, and the Moon can provide a stunning backdrop for shadows and wintery nighttime photography!

Below is a breakdown of the Moon’s lunar phases, what they mean, and how they may affect your aurora viewing experience:

New Moon – The new moon phase lasts for 10 days when the Moon is positioned directly between Earth and the Sun. Illumination of the Moon is less than 20% during this time and as such there is minimal light cast on Earth’s landscapes, making aurora and stargazing excellent when forecasts are positive for clear skies and solar storms. However, landscape photography and videography are generally more difficult during this phase due to the diminished lighting of the moon.

Mid-Moon – A mid-moon phase is the period of the moon cycle when the Moon’s illumination is between 20-80%. During this 10-day phase, the moon has minimal effect on aurora viewing or stargazing.

Full Moon – A full moon happens over 10 days when the Moon’s illumination is 80-100%. During this phase, the Moon lights up a night landscape and mild auroral activity will be difficult to see. However, when auroral displays are strong, a full moon phase allows our eyes to more easily perceive the true colors of the aurora, especially the greens and pinks. Additionally, landscape photography and videography are enhanced during this phase due to the extra ambient light from the Moon.

Vacations to Alaska don’t always fall on the calendar’s “perfect” time for spotting aurora, but rest assured that our local guides take into account the lunar phases and will make every effort to find the best viewing locations to maximize your aurora adventure.

*Book direct with confidence. We guarantee you will receive the best price when booking directly on our website or we will refund the difference + $10! Must show proof of a lower price found elsewhere for the same product and the same departure. Offer valid for tours operated by Greatland Adventures only. Offer not valid for 3rd party products.



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