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Fairbanks Northern Lights Tour

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Winter, Spring
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Northern Lights, Photography

Embark on our Fairbanks Northern Light Tour to view and photograph the Aurora Borealis in and around the greater Fairbanks area. We pride ourselves on offering intimate, small-group trip experiences. Capped at eight adventurers per guide, your Fairbanks Northern Lights Tour will almost feel like a private excursion!

This Fairbanks aurora tour will leave you in awe and have you planning your next trip back to magical Alaska.

Tour Description

The Aurora Borealis is one of the most amazing natural wonders on earth. Join us on our Fairbanks Northern Lights Tour to view and photograph the Northern Lights in and around the greater Fairbanks area.

We use innovative technology to forecast Aurora viewing conditions. Each night’s tour location is chosen to maximize your chances to view the lights. Our tour locations are chosen based on the weather forecast, aurora strength, and driving distance from Fairbanks. Our team of experts will get you to the most strategic location possible to see the Northern Lights.

To ensure our guests go out on the best possible night(s) during their visit, we offer a valuable industry-exclusive forecasting/insurance service. This service is $20 per person/per night. This non-refundable service fee includes a personalized Aurora forecast each night you are booked and allows us to provide you with the best possible chance of success on the nights you have reserved. Due to ever-changing space and earth weather conditions, we recommend you book for each and every night you have available, beginning with the first night of your visit. This will maximize your chances of viewing success.

This tour is designed for anyone visiting the Fairbanks area that has an interest in viewing the Northern Lights.  Our tours include web-quality Aurora portraits and basic photography instruction.

We use our fleet of comfortable tour vehicles as traveling base camps. Tours generally depart between 8-11 pm and return between 3-6 am, depending on the season and forecasted conditions.

Due to ever-changing space and earth weather conditions, we recommend you book for each and every night you have available, beginning with the first night of your visit. This will maximize your chances of viewing success.

Our minimum age to join this tour is 13.

Season: November 2nd through April 14th

Want to make this Fairbanks, Alaska Northern Lights Tour a private experience for you and your close friends and family? Explore our Private Northern Lights Tour option.

In an effort to reduce our footprint, we are no longer providing single-use plastic water bottles. Please bring a reusable water bottle! Fresh Alaskan water will be available to you throughout your tour.

Book This Adventure

  • SMALL GROUPS! Maximum of 8 adventurers page guide/van.
  • Experience the star-filled beauty of Alaskan winter nights away from city lights.
  • Create lasting memories with portraits and photos.
  • Personalized forecast service. Know before you go!
  • Services of a professional Alaskan Aurora Guide
  • Aurora Forecasting Service
  • Web-Quality Photographs and portraits
  • Transportation in a clean and comfortable tour vehicle
  • Snacks and hot drinks
  • $295 per person. ($275 per person + $20 night forecasting/seat guarantee fee)
  • Departure Time: 8-11 PM
  • Duration: 8 Hours

Gratuities for Guides (Recommend $20 per person)

Please Note:

  • We require 2 guests minimum to operate a tour

The aurora can be visible anytime we have adequate darkness; from late August through mid-April.  The main obstacles to finding auroras are cloud cover and light pollution. We will drive up to 3 hours outside Fairbanks to find clear, dark skies.  A full moon reflecting on the snowy winter landscapes can make it more difficult to see the aurora with the naked eye, but it can also give you the most breathtaking views of Alaska lit by moonlight and provide an incredible background for a nighttime tour and some amazing photography opportunities.

Although you shouldn’t be discouraged from joining an aurora tour around the full moon, if finding aurora is your main goal when traveling to Alaska and your dates are flexible, consider coming at a time of the new moon.

The full moon dates for winter 2023/2024 Alaska aurora season are: 8/30/23, 9/29/23, 10/28/23, 11/27/23, 12/16/23, 1/25/24, 2/24/24, 3/24/24, 4/23/24.

New moon dates are: 8/16/23, 9/14/23, 10/14/23, 11/13/23, 12/12/23, 1/11/24, 2/9/24, 3/10/24, 4/8/24.



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